Debra Goldston

Debra GoldstonDebra Goldston Debra is founder of Clear Intentions  and Ascended World and also  Principal of both Midlands College of Natural Health and Athena School of Natural Therapies She is an international speaker, author and trance voice channel who specializes in initiations, Ascended Master teachings and tours to old and new sacred sites both locally within the UK & internationally. She lives in the UK but travels frequently and is available for work internationally, upon request.

Born in February 1964 (on the first day of the Chinese Dragon) in Shropshire, England, Debra enjoyed a conventional British upbringing as the eldest of three children.  Unable to read until the age of 11 however, she managed to avoid the usual shift into logic which accompanies the Western education process.  Instead, Debra maintained contact with her guides and so called "imaginary friends" and indeed continued to develop these skills, only many years later studying and qualifying both as a UK commercial lawyer and clinical hypnotherapist- in so doing bringing together a desire for structure and form within an otherwise seemingly formless world.

Spending her childhood and young adult life being guided to many sacred sites across the world, she was often spontaneously attuned to the magical energies which she found there.  In particular, she found every excuse to repeatedly visit Egypt during the 70s and 80s, at the time often blissfully unaware of her life's Service work already unfolding.  Since those early years, Debra has returned to this magical land of Khem time after time, on each occasion retrieving a little more of her memory related to the ancient mystery schools and their powerful teachings.  A significant part of her soul purpose for this lifetime is to participate in the activations which she facilitates at many sites each year.

Debra is qualified in a number of different healing modalities including:

These days she prefers to blend use of these and other skills in accordance with the needs of her clients rather than to work with any particular healing system. Debra works out of the main College site at Willenhall but also works on a distant healing basis where required. To contact Debra for further information on booking a consultation, please email her at

It is with deep love and gratitude that Debra continues her work in Service in Love, offering to help others as they are guided towards their own personal growth and highest potential.

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